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The Emerging Demand for Internet Biometric Security

There is a growing trend of online security problems which is costing consumers and businesses billions of dollars annually.

Ranging from internet social networking sites, banks, electronic medical records, email, and even the largest and best known high technology companies have been prone to security breaches.

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 Product Offering

IBSS delivers a superior webcentric on demand biometric security solution for any type of web based applications at very low cost.

IBSS provides a unique low cost solution that provides existing web portals the added benefit of advanced biometric security protection. Our seamless technology is interchangeable for use with any Internet enabled device, from a standard cell phone to basic desktop computer which provides superior Internet on line security .


Current News

Enterprise Level Biometric Security Solution for online business with more than 1,000 users.

Ideal for financial institutions, banks, brokerage firms that want to reduce online identity theft and improve online security management and tracking of their online customers.

  • Personnel Employment Records
  • Social Networks
  • Student Information Records
  • Or Any Other Type of Confidential