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Why cloud security technology

Human Bio-Information Identity Technology

Enter the age of Artificial Intelligence where human form and computers merge to become one. Bio Information Technology is the next major advancement in internet security. Each individuals unique and separate bio identity merges with the digital world and can now be measured with biometric credentials.

IBSS, Inc is a leader in biometric engineering and cloud computing security technology. IBSS, Inc. provides the only patented real time biometric security solution that not only provides superior biometric verification with vast scalability. And is equally enhanced with common sense, real time legal identification that eliminates the anonymity of end user. Anonymity is the core problem of internet security. IBSS, Inc. technology can provide dramatic benefits over password technology.

IBSS, Inc. can deliver a highly cost effective solution with superior security benefits that can be delivered anytime, anywhere, and with any common internet device from smart phones to desktop computers. No special or expensive client hardware and no software. A 100% cloud based technology that delivers results in real time, that is simple to use, without additional costs, and can be rapidly integrated.

Our technology thrives because IBSS, Inc. security solutions ensure that your customers can focus on their core business, rather than financing a significant capital investment, or budgeting for expensive employee training and increasing human resource cost for managing the clients web enterprise credentials. IBSS, Inc. eliminates expensive economic barriers to entry for this advanced specialized security technology. Our security technology can be used simplistically by everyone from a small medial office to a large medial hospital organization.

We provide the technology and continue to advance new security solutions, provide 24/7 customer support, and manage the entire web enterprise credential security for a fraction of the cost over traditional solutions using specialized hardware, and high cost software management. IBSS, Inc. technology does not identify the security problem after the fact; it significantly reduces that risk from happening with real time performance requiring your unique living human identity.

Superior Patented Security Solution

Your customers expect advances in online security that is reliable and capable of keeping up with today’s changing security threats. IBSS, Inc. technology eliminates the weakest element of online security credentials, the black hole of anonymous passwords that can be transferred to any user without detection of a security breach.

IBSS, Incs real time biometric technology requires the event of actual human living identity of each unique end user, which can be variably scaled for each clients level of security needs. IBSS, Inc. provides dynamic biometric credentials that are neither anonymous nor transferable, and are matched to the legal identity of each user.

IBSS, Inc. remains on the cutting edge with over a decade of experience with human biometric technology, and we will always provide our clients with the latest upgrades in technology advancements in our applications at no additional subscription cost for existing services.

Rapid Implementation

With IBSS, Inc technologies, you will enjoy the benefit of rapid security integration across the entire web enterprise, regardless of size, which is flexible and versatile so you dont just keep pace in the marketplace, but lead the field. As your clients web enterprise grows, we can expand with you. You are only charged for what you actually use each month. Economic efficiency at its best.

No training, no specialized equipment or software required for each end user. IBSS, Inc. biometric security technology can be populated across the entire client enterprise with minimal delays, and at a very affordable cost. Your client subscribes, we deliver large or small. The customer only pay for exactly what they require, so your clients can budget the savings for other important company projects.