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As a member of IBSS, Inc, we want you and your customers to succeed. We want to ensure you rise above your competitors by delivering the highest-quality security cloud apps and customer support possible.

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Channel Partners Overview

IBSS, Inc. holds worldwide patents on its advanced real time legal identification with variable biometric verification security processing. IBSS provides an unparallel business opportunity for new partners to participate in the marketing of this new exciting security technology to your clients.

Whether you're an established cloud pro, or internet security specialist, or just starting out, IBSS, Inc. offers several programs to help you quickly get running and begin delivering value to your customers. There are three main programs paths from which you can select:

Affiliate Channel Partners

Our Affiliate Partner Program is for partners who deliver both real time IBSS technology promotional demonstrations and advertising links, you make the referrals provide your clients with live demonstrations, and IBSS, Inc. will close the sale for you. Become a certified affiliate and enjoy both referral revenues, and the benefit of direct limited integration service revenues from new client sales.

IBSS, Inc. offers three levels of Affiliate Programs that can generate single source of revenue or multiple revenue sources for our partners. For more details review our Partner Program Application and Policies.

Value Added Channel Partners

Our Value Added Resale Program is for companies who become direct certified partners that generate revenues as affiliates, direct marketing, and act as an IBSS technology reseller to your clients. You advertise, you market, and sell; we take care of the rest from product and service integration, to 24/7 technical support.

IBSS, Inc. VAR Partner Program provides your company the professional training and resources you and your customers will need to be successful in the marketplace in sell real time biometric security solutions, including business planning, technical, sales, and marketing resources. No additional human resources for technical engineers or staff required. You supply the sales order, and we complete the professional implementation. We reward our partners with both executed contract compensation and recurring monthly revenue. After you close the sale, the revenue continues to grow based on the number of end user monthly subscribers.

Todays sale provides a long stream of revenue for months to come, and equally promotes long term customer relations. A superior compensation opportunity that grows as you grow. For more details review our Partner Program Application and Policies.

Channel Partner Program

Our Channel Partner Program provides training and resources from top to bottom for your company, from the establishment of a robust referral network, marketing and sales training, selective sponsorships, to technical training and product integration. Each Channel Partner must meet IBSS, Inc.

Certification Standards for advertising, marketing, and technical installation. Channel Partners enjoy the benefit of protected territories, select industry space, add superior compensation opportunities, including referral income, link exchanges revenues, direct selling and marketing, and technical product installations. The Channel Partner Program opportunities are offered at three sales levels. For more details review our Partner Program Application and Policies.