Enterprise Edition

Biometric security web access combines random complex sequencing for online businesses with greater than 1000 online users.

Designed for larger or more complex businesses, Enterprise Edition provides the extensibility that the world's largest organizations demand, encompassing your most complex customer operations without complexity implementation.

Professional Edition

Biometric security web access combines complex radio, video, for online businesses with 10 to 1000 online users.

Full powered on-demand video and audio biometric web security access for small to medium online business/organization, with salability up to 1000 users. Professional Edition provides power ad high level biometric security without incurring expensive costs.

Office Suite

Biometric security web access deploys complex video images for line businesses with 10 or fewer users.

Office suite is the best way for small group users to harness the power of on-demand biometric web security access in protecting vital and sensitive online information provides biometric security management.

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Web-centric technology

IbSS On-Demand biometric Security Products.

The Genesis Advantage

Genesis is a new, unique way of creating powerful.

Genesis and your IT Strategy

The role of on-demand platforms.


Finding perfect match of business needs

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WEB-CENTRIC TECHNOLOGY IBSS On-Demand Biometric Security Products

Genesis is the on-demand platform that powers our patent pending web-centric internet biometric security application solution for virtually any type of business seeking advanced security identity in the use of internet based information. No software installation required, making Genesis a true web-centric technology platform for any internet enabled device from Desktop Computers, PDA's, Cell Phones, and Interactive Television, anyplace, and anytime 24/7 on-demand simplicity to prevent identity theft. Unlike other biometric data, all IBSS biometric data profiles are uniquely matched and confirmed to the legal identity of each and every user. Today, several industries are discovering Genesis to customize, integrate and extend the benefits of Genesis to meet their internet biometric security Web Access Security Technology needs. Industries like, medical record management, electronic litigation discovery management for law firms, online banking, online brokerages, online credit card processing, online credit reporting, are discovering the superior internet security benefits of bio metrically secured information sharing over the internet.


The Genesis Advantage

Genesis is a new, unique way of creating powerful, enterprise internet biometric security as cost effective solution over traditional keyboard pass codes. Based on patent pending technology, and the latest open standards, Genesis is lower cost and lower risk than traditional biometric security alternatives, requiring no software, no direct IT management, no expensive hardware or extra biometric devices, and no additional training costs. Best of all, Genesis takes a complex process and makes it simple, automating all aspects of enterprise application customization including rapid deployment, management, and even upgrades. Genesis is scalable for use in a small office to a large enterprise environment, providing basic biometric security to the latest advancements that deploy multi-dimensional biometric security in digital imagery, and digital audio technologies.

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Genesis and your IT Strategy

The role of on-demand platforms: Conventional applications require the purchase of software, hardware, and the addition of IT management personal to maintain the application. The role of on-demand platforms allows for seamless integration with your existing web site, providing the benefits of unparalleled biometric security without an expensive capital investment, and required training of personnel.

Finding the Perfect Match for Your Business Needs

No matter what your internet biometric security needs are, IBSS has the perfect solution for you. Internet Biometric Security Solution Genesis is available in multiple editions starting at $995 a year for five users, with more advanced solutions offered at prices beginning as low as $9.95 per month. ** The edition you need will depend on the size membership user base and your customization and integration needs. ** Based on minimal annual membership commitment.

For more information, contact sales@ibsssecurity.com or call one of our sales representatives at 858-610-3221 or for a free on-demand demonstration click here.